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47 trade unions support Croatia teachers strike Pixabay

47 trade unions support Croatia teachers strike

Written by  HINA Nov 23, 2019

The ongoing teachers' strike is supported by 47 trade unions out of solidarity and because they believe that the education sector should be one of the priorities of this country and that teachers should not be discriminated against, the Croatian Journalists Union (SNH) said on Thursday evening.

The unions that signed the letter of support for the teachers' strike called on the government to enter into negotiations with the striking unions until a mutually acceptable solution was reached.

The signatories said that the pressure being exerted on the teachers was "unjustified given the seriousness of their social role as teachers and educators of our children." They said they were ready for "campaigns of support and a solidarity strike because together we are stronger."

Among the signatories are the SNH, the Railway Workers Union, the Engine Drivers Union, the Construction Workers Union, the Metal Workers Union, the Industrial Workers Union, the Tourism and Service Trade Union, the Alliance of Independent Trade Unions, Independent Croatian Trade Unions, and the Independent Trade Union of Croatia.


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