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Average net salary in Croatia in September was 6,418 Kuna

By  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 21, 2019

The average net salary per person in Croatia amounted to 6,418 Kuna in September, which is 3.6 percent more in nominal and 2.8 percent realistically higher than in September last year - the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced, as reports.

Compared to August, the average paid off net salary for September was nominally lower by 0.3 and really by 1.1 percent.

The highest average monthly net salary per person in September was paid in air transport, in the amount of 11,448 Kuna and the lowest in other personal service activities 4,233 Kuna.

According to the CBS data, the median net salary for September amounted to 5,539 Kuna, which means that half of the employees had a lower and half of them had higher salary than that amount.

As writes, the average monthly gross earning for September went to 8,693 Kuna, which is 1.7 percent less in than in August. Yearly, the average gross wage was 3.2 percent higher.

CBS data shows that the average monthly net earning per hour paid in September was 38.47 Kuna, while gross was 52.11 Kuna.

In September, the average net hourly rate was five percent higher than in the previous month, while it was down 0.4 percent on year level.

The gross hourly rate was 4.3 percent higher on a monthly basis and 0.1 percent lower on year basis.

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