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One hundredth electric vehicle charging opens in Croatia Pixabay

One hundredth electric vehicle charging opens in Croatia

By  Nov 11, 2019

The Croatian Electric Company (HEP) has launched its one hundredth vehicle charging station in Croatia.

“With the commissioning of the 100th electric vehicle charging station, the Croatian Electricity Company has confirmed itself as a key entity in the electrification of traffic in Croatia, which we carry out in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the policies of the European Union. At the moment, more than a hundred electric charging stations have been installed in Croatia and of which 26 are in Zagreb,” said the CEO of HEP, Frano Barbaric, adding that HEP is only halfway through the planned construction of infrastructure for electric vehicles.

At the moment, HEP's filling network covers all motorways and other important road routes in Croatia, city centres and tourist destinations, including several islands, and extends over the City of Zagreb and 18 counties.

At the beginning of 2015, HEP began the cycle of building charging stations in Croatian cities by following the provisions of Directive 2014/94 / EU on the establishment of alternative fuel infrastructure, which by 2020 provides for the availability of filling stations for every 50 kilometres of motorways, in all cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, in all maritime, airports and inland ports, as well as at railway and bus stations.


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