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The number of deaths on Croatian roads drops Illustration

The number of deaths on Croatian roads drops

By  Nov 03, 2019

The number of deaths on Croatian roads is finally lower than last year. According to the data to November 2nd, 238 people were killed in traffic – 24 sata+ writes. In the same period last year, we there were 274 dead, which means that the black number has decreased.

By 2023, Croatian Roads plan to repair 23 more dangerous places on state roads, the so-called "black spots". The total value of the project is 68.5 million kuna and the eligible financing costs are 55.4 million kuna. Part of funds were provided through the European Regional Development Fund, according to Croatian Roads. They plan to fully implement the project by June 2023.

Since 2001, they have fixed more than 280 dangerous sites, for which they have invested over 270 million kuna of their own funds and funds from the National Road Traffic Safety Program.

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