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Don't forget to turn on daytime running lights while driving

Written by  Nov 02, 2019

Nothing says that winter is just around the corner like the fact that you need to turn on daytime running lights on your motor vehicles! This is mandatory all over Croatia from yesterday, accordding to the new Road Traffic Safety Act from July this year. 

Motorcyclists, however, know that they must have lights on for the rides on their motorcycles throughout the year.

It's time of fog, wet and slippery roads, do not forget a few basic rules that will make it easier for us to navigate the fall pavements:

- Wiper blades and tires should be checked;
-Be sure to switch on the daytime running lights, regardless of visibility;
-Keep the required safety clearance between vehicles, especially when driving in a convoy;
-Avoid sudden braking;
Drive more cautiously.

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