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Uber unveils two new options for Zagreb including whether you want the driver to talk or not

By  Oct 14, 2019

Uber users in Zagreb will, as of today, have two new services to choose from. The online transport serviced announced today in the Croatian capital that two additional services are now on offer in Zagreb - Comfort and XL. These new services will allow customers to select higher class vehicles or vehicles with more space.

With the new Comfort option, Zagreb users will have a user preference option, the first of its kind in Europe. This means that within the app passengers will be able to advise the driver in advance whether they want to talk without talking and whether they prefer a higher or lower temperature inside the vehicle.

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Uber Comfort is designed for customers who require a high-class shuttle service with drivers who have a minimum of 250 rides and an average rating above 4.9. In addition, customers who opt for Uber Comfort will be offered the option of expressing preferences about talking to the driver or the temperature of the vehicle. The option will be available to them after they have selected the Comfort service and set a destination, before the final confirmation of the ride.

However, you will have to pay more for the comfort option, the minimum amount of rides with the Comfort service is 17 Kuna, the start fee is 8 Kuna, the price per minute is 0.80 Kuna and the fee per kilometre is 4.60 Kuna.

"We remain fully committed to doing business in Croatia. We take our customers' feedback seriously and provide them with new options to make their experience more quality, such as options related to the type of vehicle or whether to talk to the driver. By expanding our existing offering in Zagreb, we will meet the specific needs of airline customers who often have excess baggage, users who want higher class vehicles, but also those who want to drive without talking," commented Davor Tremac, Uber's General Manager for Southeast Europe.

The second Uber XL service is for users traveling in groups and needing up to 6 seats. This allows customers to simply choose an Uber XL instead of ordering two X services, which is ultimately more cost effective. For Uber XL, the minimum amount cost per journey is 20 Kuna, the starting fee is 10 Kuna, the price per minute is 1.10 Kuna and the price per kilometre is 6 Kuna.


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