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First Croatian city introduces special pedestrian crossing to warn mobile phone users

By  Oct 12, 2019

It isn’t only careless drivers who cause accidents whilst using their mobile phones at the wheel, pedestrians are just as guilty. In these times when we are all seemingly glued to that flashing blue screen in our hands the combination of reality and virtual has its dangers, not least when crossing the roads.

And now the Croatian capital has followed many other world cities by introducing a special type of traffic lights for pedestrians that shines a red light onto the pavement at traffic crossings to warn people looking down at their phones not to cross the road. The first in this pilot project has been installed in Zagreb so phone users will be warned not to walk out in front of traffic.

When this traffic light turns red, it is reflected on the sidewalk as well as on mobile phone screens which pedestrians look at instead of around themselves. Reflecting the red light, the sidewalk, as well as the screens, force them to raise their heads, stop and wait for the light to turn green.

A survey conducted as part of the campaign shows that 92 percent of drivers, 50 percent of pedestrians and 33 percent of cyclists use mobile phones while crossing the street and that 20 percent do not even notice when the traffic light turns red. The findings also show that the responses of drivers using mobile phones are almost three times slower. Mobile phones are considered the fourth biggest killer in traffic.


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