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Croatian tourism to remain secure after Brexit Croatian tourism to remain secure after Brexit

Brexit vote not expected to affect Croatian tourism

Written by  Jun 29, 2016

''The situation after the referendum in the UK does not affect nor it is expected to affect the arrival of British tourists in Croatia, their tour operators and other Croatian partners are quite satisfied with this year's tourist sales and the increased interest for Croatia'', said the Head Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ).

''According to our market analysis and information we have received from our branch office in London, after the announcement of the referendum results in the UK we have received no information about the cancellation of arrivals of British tourists or a decline of their interest in the booking of the popular world destinations including those in Croatia'', commented from the Head Office of HTZ.

The Association of British tour operators and travel agents (ABTA) reported that 65 per cent of the British booked their summer holidays already in May.

Even though there was speculation that the British decision to leave the EU and the drop of pound in value would bring about a significant decline in the number of British holidays, nothing of the sort has happened so far and according to the information from the HTZ branch office in London, the number of guests from the UK visiting Croatia has been growing constantly, the situation on the British market regarding Croatia is stable and any cancellations of tourist arrangements and travels are not expected to happen in the near future.

The positive trends in the tourist relations have intensified in last four years and the number of British tourist arrivals and overnight stays has reached double-digit annual growth rates. British guests are the most numerous in Dubrovnik where they make up a fifth of all annual tourists.

According to the prognosis of analysts from the Raiffeisenbank Austria (RBA) there might be the possibility of a limited short-term risk. Though, even in case of the weakening of the pound against the euro, the spending habits of British tourists is not likely to change in the medium-term period.

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