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Government listens to majority and returns retirement age to 65

By  Oct 11, 2019

The voice of the people has been listened to, the official retirement age in Croatia is 65 years-old, again! Following the referendum initiative “67 is too much” which managed to collect an impressive 700,000 signatures the government has decided to revert their decision to make the retirement age 67 and have now announced it will be once again 65.

"Respecting the will of more than 700,000 citizens, we will accept proposals expressed through the initiative to restore the retirement age to 65 and early retirement to 60, the government is not giving up encouraging a longer stay in the work place. And of course, for those people who can, and want, to work after 65 years of age, that is, until the age of 68, amendments to the Pension Insurance Act are proposed,” commented the Minister of Labour and the Pension System, Josip Aladrovic.

Clearly the weight of 700,000 signatures forced the government to reconsider their changes to the retirement ago, and had them backtracking.

"We will give this approach an opportunity for anyone who wants to work longer in the labour market, and which we believe will have a positive impact on employment, income and budget expenditures," added the minister.


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