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60 percent of Croatians drink more than one cup of coffee a day

By  Oct 07, 2019

It is well known that Croatia is a country of coffee lovers. From the never-ending coffee with friends in a pavement café bar, to a blast of caffeine from a coffee-to-go and the strong kick of Turkish coffee in the morning to wake up, Croatians are coffee addicts.

85 percent of Croatians drink at least one coffee a day, whilst a massive 60 percent consume more than one cup a day. And coffee drinkers have moved with the times. Twenty years ago instant coffee, such as Nescafe, was unheard of in Croatia but now this quick coffee fix is the second most drunk behind Turkish coffee. According to a new survey 70 percent of coffee drinkers like Turkish coffee or expresso the most. With coffee-to-go and coffee from vending machines the least popular.

But it seems that the actual taste of coffee isn’t the main reason why Croatians sip their cappuccino, in fact it is the least important. The main reason that Croatians gulp down coffee is habit, with 41 percent of people asked saying that habit was the main reason. Habit was followed by socialising and to wake up.