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VIDEO - Brodosplit builds the world's largest sailboat

By  Sep 27, 2019

The latest achievement by the Brodosplit shipyard is called Flying Clipper and it's enchanting! 

- The shipbuilders of the Croatian shipyard Brodosplit have created the most sophisticated sailboat and the most sophisticated passenger ship ever built. The Flying Clipper is not only the largest, but I believe the most beautiful and, with its largest sails and masts, probably the fastest sailing vessel in the world, which will be registered in the Guinness book of records - Tomislav Debeljak, CEO of Brodosplit and DIV Group commented.

Flying Clipper is the largest square-rigged ship in the world contracted for the company Star Clippers Ltd from Monaco. This amazing ship has five decks, with accommodation for 450 persons, 300 passengers in 150 luxury cabins, and 74 crew cabins for 150 crew members.
It was designed according to the 1911 France II sailboat design. It is luxuriously decorated with a touch reminiscent of old sailing boats.

It has five decks, a beauty center, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a spa and fitness center, a library area and large lounges, with the largest extending to three decks.

The Flying Clipper is the first sailboat with the highest safety standards "Safe return to port" built in, and also meets all US Coast Guard and US Public Health requirements. It is the only sailboat in the world to receive the highest noise and vibration class possible.

Brodosplit shipyard is located in Split. Significant development of shipbuilding in this area began by establishing several smaller repair shipyards and their merging in 1922.
The shipyard Brodosplit has been in its current location since 1932. Its location in the northern side of Split, in Kastela bay, is extremely convenient, providing all the necessary infrastructure and superstructure for the shipbuilding business.

The company continuously monitors the modern world achievements in the field of shipbuilding. Its experts successfully apply those achievements in practice by own efforts and in cooperation with scientific research institutions. Competitive price, high quality and excellent maritime performances of Brodosplit’s ships are expanding the list of clients, which today consists of many reputable ship-owners and companies from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, England, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Poland, German, Switzerland, Russia, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico and the United States.

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