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Croatia placed poorly in IMD World Digital Competitivness ranking

By  Sep 27, 2019

Croatia has dropped seven places in IMD World Digital Competitivness ranking (WDCR) in 2019, being placed at the close bottom of the list on the 51st place out of 63 countries featured. 

-A significant drop of seven places on the latest, global digital competitiveness ladder demonstrates Croatia's real problem: its unwillingness to adopt technologies and create an enabling environment to keep pace with global and especially digital development. The result is a warning to society as a whole, because it indicates a lack of preparedness for the future, which most of all affects our younger generations - commented Ivica Mudrinic, President of the National Competitiveness Council, as reports.

The United States held on to the number one spot, with all top five economies in the ranking unchanged: USA, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

Now in its third year, the WDCR, produced by the IMD World Competitiveness Center, measures the capacity and readiness of 63 economies to adopt and explore digital technologies as a key driver for economic transformation in business, government and wider society.

To evaluate an economy, WDCR examines three factors:
• Knowledge - the capacity to understand and learn the new technologies
• Technology - the competence to develop new digital innovations
• Future readiness - the preparedness for the coming developments

Croatia's biggest minus (-14) was in the 'Future readiness' factor.

-The weaknesses of Croatia include the following indicators: international experience, foreign highly-skilled workforce, employee training, immigration laws, technological development and applications, company agility, use of big data and analytics, knowledge transfer and public-private partnership – it was stated from the National Competitiveness Council, as reports.

You can see all the details about IMD World Digital Competitivness ranking here.

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