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“My brother was crying” – Ronaldo Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

“My brother was crying” – Ronaldo

Written by  Jun 28, 2016

With his arrogance on the field Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the best football players in the world often provokes football fans. But every now and then he surprises the public and does something that shows he is a true sportsman at heart.

After the final whistle from the referee at the game between Portugal and Croatia on Saturday, 25th of June, even though Portugal won, Ronaldo didn't celebrate with the rest of his teammates. The Croatian national football team was completely broken down and when Ronaldo saw his teammate from Real Madrid Luka Modric crying he came to comfort him.

The Portuguese media wanted to find out why Ronaldo didn't celebrate the win of his national football team and entrance into the quarter-finals of the EURO 2016.

''Of course, I was very happy that we won but I couldn't celebrate while my brother was crying. My duty was to comfort my brother,'' said Ronaldo.

This move by one of the greatest football players in the world will certainly win over support among Croatian fans.

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