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Average Croatian salary 6,420 Kuna in July

By  HINA Sep 20, 2019

In July the average take-home pay in Croatia amounted to 6,420 Kuna (€869), or 2.3 percent up from the same month the year before, the State statistics bureau reported on Friday.

Compared to June 2019, the take-home salary decreased by 0.3 percent.

By industry, the highest average monthly salary in July was in air transport, at 12,249 Kuna (€1,657) while the lowest average wage of 4,259 (€576) was earned in professions classified as "other personal service activities," i.e. hairdressing and beauty salons, laundry services, wellness coaching, etc.

The median net pay in July was 5,607 Kuna (€759).


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