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Croatian cities with the highest achieved earnings by businesses in 2018

By  Sep 20, 2019

Zagreb, Split and Rijeka entrepreneurs achieved the highest consolidated net profits last year and are among the top 10 cities with the highest earnings. The list by the Financial Agency (Fina) also includes the cities of Porec, Karlovac, Velika Gorica, Dubrovnik, Nasice, Rovinj and Vukovar. Entrepreneurs' earnings in these 10 cities amount to HRK 21.09 billion, while last year's total net profit of all entrepreneurs in the country was HRK 28.2 billion, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Of course, the lion's share of that pie falls on Zagreb and entrepreneurs based in the capital have earned HRK 15.9 billion in net profit, which is 56 percent of the net profit of all entrepreneurs in the whole country. Compared to the ranking of the cities with the highest profits in 2017, there is no Zadar and Cakovec in the list for the last year. Instead of Zadar and Cakovec, the cities with the highest net profit of entrepreneurs in the last year are Nasice and Rovinj.



Zagreb-based entrepreneurs, 43,927 with 363,093 employees, made the largest net profit of HRK 15.9 billion, which is 56 percent of the total net profit of all entrepreneurs, and last year they generated HRK 375 billion or every other Kuna of the total income of all entrepreneurs.

The Financial Agency says the analysis of the results confirms that in the 10 cities where entrepreneurs have made the most profit, 49.3 percent have their headquarters and employ 52.1 percent of workers in the country. Their share in the total revenues of all entrepreneurs is 62.6 percent and in the net profit of 74.6 percent, because in all these cities the total net profit of the entrepreneurs amounted to HRK 21.09 billion.

Cities and profits

The 10 cities with the most entrepreneurial profits in 2018:

1. Zagreb - HRK 15.9 billion
2. Split - HRK 910.6 million
3. Rijeka - HRK 731.5 million
4. Poreč - HRK 637.8 million
5. Karlovac - HRK 520.1 million
6. Velika Gorica - HRK 516.9 million
7. Dubrovnik - HRK 514.4 million
8. Našice - HRK 509 million
9. Rovinj - HRK 468.7 million
10. Vukovar - HRK 342.1 million

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