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New promo video for Croatian Island Product

By  Sep 15, 2019

Without doubt one of the best ways in this digital world to promote a project is to take to social media with a video, and that’s just what the Croatian Ministry of regional Development have done.

The new promotional video is for the worthy “Croatian Island Product” label initiated in the beginning of 2007 to encourage island producers to produce original and quality products.

These products result from island tradition, research and development, innovation and invention with a quantifiable level of quality. They come from restricted island localities and are produced in small batches.

In 2017 the “Croatian Island Product” quality label was awarded to 73 island producers for 141 product and production line, whereas to date the label has been awarded to 279 island producers in total (including 24 eco-produ-cers, 26 producers with the geographical indication mark and 6 producers with protected designation of origin) for 880 products and production lines from 24 islands.

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