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Croatia is a diet-obsessed nation with liposuction the most searched diet

Written by  Sep 10, 2019

Clearly the healthy Mediterranean diet isn’t keeping everyone in Croatia lean and in shape as it appears from new data that Croatians are crazy about dieting. Incredibly Croatia is the eleventh most diet-obsessed country in the world and the most searched type of diet is liposuction.

The popular American website “Chef’s Pencil” analysed Google Trends’ data for searches on the topic of diet (nutrition) which included diet-related searches made in local languages, to come up with their list. Google provides a country and city score, which shows the local interest-level for diet-related searches.

The three most popular diets in Croatia were liposuction, keto diet and Diet 10.

Top Countries:

1. Poland (Google Trends Score: 100)

2. Australia (Google Trends Score: 83)

3. United States (Google Trends Score: 78)

4. New Zealand (Google Trends Score: 77)

5. Moldova (Google Trends Score: 77)

6. South Africa (Google Trends Score: 76)

7. Georgia (Google Trends Score: 76)

8. Lebanon (Google Trends Score: 74)

9. Canada (Google Trends Score: 70)

10. United Kingdom (Google Trends Score: 70)

11. Croatia (Google Trends Score: 70)

12. Qatar (Google Trends Score: 67)

13. United Arab Emirates (Google Trends Score: 67)

14. Ireland (Google Trends Score: 67)

15. Romania (Google Trends Score: 65)


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