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Croatia makes up less than 3 percent of overnight stays in European Union Pixabay

Croatia makes up less than 3 percent of overnight stays in European Union

By  Sep 04, 2019

Tourism is certainly an important industry in Croatia and accounts for around 17 percent of the country’s GDP, but whilst it may seem that Croatian tourism is one of the market leaders in Europe latest data shows a different story.

In a breakdown of the overnight stays that tourists make throughout the European Union it is more than clear that the traditional holiday destinations still rule the roost. In 2017 Spain was the EU leader in terms of overnight stays, with 15 percent of all stays in the European Union. The second European tourist powerhouse, France, received 13.8 percent of the share, followed by the UK with 13.6 percent.

Compare these figures from the larger EU countries with Croatia’s share of the total number of overnight stays in the EU at only 2.7 percent and the difference is considerable. However, the populations of these major EU destinations must also be taken into account and subsequently the amount of hotel and private accommodation they actually have on offer.

Interestingly Greece, one of the most established Mediterranean holiday spots has only 3.5 percent of the share of overnight stays. Italy makes up 13.4 percent, Germany 12.8 percent and Austria 3.9 percent.


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