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Croatian population could shrink to 2.2 million by end of this century

Written by  Aug 30, 2019

Croatia’s population could well shrink to 2.2 million by the end of the century according to findings from the UN. The data shows that Croatia’s population is decreasing rapidly at estimated predict that the current population of around 4.1 million could drop on an annual basis to reach 2.27 million by 2095.

The UN’s World Population Prospects figures highlight one of the most concerning issues to face Croatia for decades. Croatia’s population has been ever decreasing since the early 1990’s, coinciding with the Homeland War. In 1990 4.77 million people lived in the country, but just twenty years later, in 2010, that number had dropped considerably to 4.32 million. Now in 2019 it is hovering around 4.1 million.

Projections from the World Population Prospect indicate that the population will dip below 4 million by 2025. As the number of people living in the country decrease by around 0.6 percent every year this would mean that by 2050 Croatia would be down to 3.3 million and by the end of the century to 2.2 million.

“Croatia is in demographic crisis and losing people each year. Its fertility rate is just 1.5 children per woman, one of the world's lowest, and its death rate has exceeded the birth rate since 1991,” states the World Population Review. Adding that “Croatia is now ranked as the 14th fastest shrinking country in the world. It's predicted that Croatia's population will shrink to 3.1 million by 2050, after reaching its peak of 4.7 million in 1991.”


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