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Average Croatian salary rises by 10 percent in two years

By  HINA Aug 28, 2019

Mass-scale emigration of Croatians abroad has triggered off two significant processes on the labour market: a pay rise and the opening of the market to older workers, writes Vecernji List. 

The beginning of the rise in monthly salaries coincided with the end of the recession and the start of the economic recovery in 2014, Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) analyst Zvonimir Savic was quoted by the daily newspaper as saying.

The average monthly take-home pay is around HRK 6,500 (€878), with the average monthly wage in Zagreb being 1,000 kuna higher than that.

The newspaper shows the gross monthly salary in Croatia stood at €1,030 in 2016 to rise 10.6% to €1,139 in 2018.

Analyst Savic warns that a rise in salaries in Croatia in the recent years was lower than that in some countries in transition.

When it comes to the gross salary, Slovenia, Estonia and the Czech Republic have average gross salaries higher than those in Croatia. Of the 16 countries presented in the table, the first mentioned three countries occupy the top three places, Croatia ranks fourth (€1,139), and is followed by Poland with the gross monthly salary of €1,070 in 2018 and by Hungary (€1,035). Slovakia and Latvia are in the group with the gross monthly salary above 1000 euros (1,013 and 1,010 respectively) last year.

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