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UK leaves EU UK leaves EU

Croatian reaction to UK exit of European Union

By  Jun 24, 2016

Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. In yesterday's referendum the “Leave” campaign picked up 52 percent of the vote to 48 percent from the “Remain” campaign. More than 30 million people voted in the referendum, or around a 71 percent turnout.

Whilst the UK and the rest of the European Union comes to turns with the future consequences, many of which are still unknown, here is the reaction from the Croatian media on the exit of the UK from the European Union.

Exit from the EU decided by villagers, the elderly and people on benefit - INDEX

Did the Brits even know what they were voting for? - 24 SATA

United Kingdom Leaves The European Union! “The whole world faces a period of great insecurity' - JUTARNJI LIST

Great Britain leaves the EU! The pound at its lowest level in 30 years - SLOBODNA DALMACIJA

"It is unclear how long it will be before the situation stabilizes, a new recession on the way” – DNEVNIK

What does BREXIT mean for Croatia? “This decision will certainly reflected in our tourism industry” – NET

BREXIT will shake the global economy; the UK rating falls – MONITOR

brexit campaign

A screenshot from Sky News was used by one Croatian media outlet

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