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Croatia the seventh safest country in Europe Pixabay

Croatia the seventh safest country in Europe

Written by  Aug 25, 2019

Without doubt some of the reasons why tourists flood to Croatia every summer are the unspoilt nature, the clean blue seas, the guaranteed sunshine and the historic and cultural attractions, but they are also assured by the safety of the country. And according to a survey by one of the largest statistical organisations in the world Croatia is indeed an extremely safe country.

The data shows that out of the 33 countries in Europe, Croatia has the seventh lowest rate of crime. The “Crime Index by Country 2019 Mid-Year” data shows that the safest country in Europe is Switzerland with a rating of 78.82. Switzerland is followed by Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Austria, and Croatia comes in seventh place, one place ahead of Denmark.

At the other end of the rankings sees Ukraine, Sweden, France and Ireland as the least safe countries in Europe.

Across the whole of the country each Croatia city has a good safety ranking, with even the capital and by far most populated city Zagreb having a good rating. The figures for Dubrovnik make for interesting reading as pretty much every category shows the city to have a very low level of crime, from murder to petty crime, but the one category that differs is “corruption and bribery” which has a high rating. Although Dubrovnik is far from alone in this ranking with almost every other city showing the exact same reading.


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