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Charlize Theron spotted on the island of Hvar Instagram

Charlize Theron spotted on the island of Hvar

By  Aug 22, 2019

The number of celebrities that chose Croatia for their holiday this year keeps on growing! The latest one to join the list is famous actress Charlize Theron, who was spotted on the island of Hvar.

Beautiful Charlize, known as an actress and producer, delighted the employees of Restaurant Gariful, where she enjoyed a splendid meal with her family. Her satisfaction is clear from the video that the Gariful published on their official Instagram profile, where the famous actress says: ''It was amazing!'' They also shared their experience on their blog.

-Theron and her family accompanied to our restaurant eating grilled lobster and drinking following wine. They were chatting with our staff and several times emphasize how satisfied they are. We sat them at tetrace in front of the restaurant, first line to the sea what gave them a complete view and make feel like a star. Oh wait, they are! They stayed for about two hours, thanked us and promised to see again some time soon. Thank you and see you, Charlize – it’s written on the website.

Gariful has hosted numerous celebrities this year, such as Neil Patrick Harris, Tommy Hilfiger, Stallone sisters and Jon Bon Jovi. Charlize Theron is probably still in Croatia, but is really secretive about it – she didn’t share anything on her official Instagram profile, followed by great number of fans.

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