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Croatia is in for a wet and stormy autumn period DV

Croatia is in for a wet and stormy autumn period

By  Aug 17, 2019

After an extremely hot July and August Croatia could well be in for a wet and stormy autumn. The popular weather website AccuWeather has released their long-range weather forecast for autumn this year and it doesn’t make for pretty reading for the southeast of Europe.

"The combination of post-tropical storms and wind storms will make for a wetter-than-normal autumn," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert said.

Whereas temperatures have been in the mid-thirties for most of the summer in Croatia the chances of an Indian Summer look bleak as the autumn is predicted to be rainy and stormy.


“As the season progresses, the risk of severe thunderstorms will lessen, but rounds of locally heavy rainfall will persist. The overall storm track over Europe will feature storms across southern Europe bringing numerous rounds of rainfall during the months of October and November. The wet pattern that is forecast across the Balkan Peninsula will limit any intense heat from building across the region with temperatures expected to remain near to slightly below normal for the season as a whole,” writes the website.



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