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Is owning an apartment in Croatia the best investment? Pixabay

Is owning an apartment in Croatia the best investment?

By  Aug 16, 2019

Owning an apartment, villa or holiday home up and down the Croatian Adriatic coastline is certainly a lucrative business. According to recent figures just released by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics a whopping 3 million tourists decided to book private accommodation in Croatia in June this year, a healthy increase of 11 percent compared with the same month from last year.

Experts reports suggest that apartment owners in Dubrovnik can pocket a tidy 10,000 Euros a season, which after paying agency fees and taxes gives them a second income of around 7,000 Euros annually. And there is no sign that reservations with quality apartments is slowly down, in fact the opposite seems to be the case, as 44 percent of all accommodation bookings in Croatia in June were in private apartments and villas.


Among foreign tourists, the highest number of overnight stays, 3.5 million, was recorded by Germans in June, which is a 43.7 percent increase over June 2018, followed by Austrians, Slovenes, Poles, Czechs and tourists from the UK and Italy.

There are around 367,000 rooms in private accommodation in Croatia with a grand total of 960,000 beds, which is further evidence of just how important this type of accommodation is for the country.

And many apartment owners in Dubrovnik are reporting that they are full up until the end of September and into the beginning of October.

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