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Croatia the second biggest investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina - but who were the biggest

By  HINA Aug 14, 2019

Investors from Croatia were the second leading foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 and they are ranked second also in overall foreign investments in the neighbouring country, show data published by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday.

Investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 amounted to EUR 400 million, or 2.3% of GDP.

The amount of foreign investments in 2018 was similar to that in 2017.

Most foreign investments, totalling EUR 71 million, came from Russia, while investments from Croatia amounted to EUR 54 million.

They were followed by investments from the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, which ranged between 40 and 46 million euros.

Most of the investments, in the amount of EUR 74 million, were made in the banking sector, while investments in the production of coke and oil products amounted to EUR 69 million, followed by investments in retail trade and production of base metals.

At the end of 2018, total foreign investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina amounted to EUR 7.3 billion, with Austria having invested the most, in the amount of EUR 1.3 billion, followed by Croatia, with investments amounting to EUR 1.17 billion and Serbia, which has invested slightly more than one billion euros.

Investors from Bosnia and Herzegovina invest the most in Croatia, with investments to date totalling EUR 117 million, and in Germany, with investments amounting to around EUR 83 million.

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