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More work needed to avoid fines More work needed to avoid fines

Croatia well behind on waste management says the EU

Written by  Jun 22, 2016

Last week the European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety held a meeting on the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive and the Packaging Directive. The Committee enhanced the problem of non-compliance with waste management legislation in EU countries. All member states had to close existing landfills not complying with the EU Landfill Directive by the 16th of July 2009 unless they approved a "site conditioning plan" including technical measures in order to bring them in line with EU law.

''According to the decision of the EU Court of Justice Slovakia will probably have to pay a lump sum fine of 939,000 Euros and a daily penalty of 6,794 for the country's failure to comply with the EU directives regarding a landfill in north-western Slovakia. If Croatia does not comply with EU Directives soon by implementing a new plan for recycling and waste management the country will probably have the same scenario as Slovakia'', said Davor Skrlec the Croatian representative in the EU Parliament. Croatia is two years overdue with a new plan for recycling and waste management and Skrlec said it was the responsibility of Mihael Zmajlovic the former minister of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection.

Skrlec added that two years time was lost in vain as well as the opportunity to use the money from the EU funds for the sector of recycling and waste management. ''Croatia shall be penalized with high sum fines unless the new plan of recycling and waste management has been introduced'', said Skrlec.

''According to the statements of Slaven Dobrovic the current minister of Environmental and Nature Protection the new plan of recycling and waste management in Croatia includes many of the elements of the new EU Circular Economy Package. That plan is also the last chance for Croatia to finally start treating waste as a resource that makes profit and opens new 'green' jobs'', commented Davor Skrlec.

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