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MAKE A WISH: Tears of Saint Lawrence to light up the night sky

By  Aug 08, 2019

On Monday astronomy lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy in the brightest meteor shower during the overnight hours of the 12th of August into the morning hours of the 13th of August. During one hour you are supposed to see 10 to 15 bright meteors. A great opportunity to make a wish… 

''The tears of St Lawrence'' as this sky watching event is known in Croatia, or the Perseid meteor shower, is considered to be one of the most spectacular celestial events in the world of astronomy. If you'd like to enoy this spectacular event, you should find a dark place with clear skies away from city lights pollution.

The best time to observe will be from midnight to dawn. For meteor observation, no special equipment is needed, they can be spotted just lying on the ground, and it takes at least 30 minutes in the dark to adjust the eyes to night conditions.