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On this day thirty years ago Croatia Airlines was born

By  Aug 07, 2019

On this very day 30 exactly thirty years ago the first national airline in Croatia was founded. Croatia Airlines' story began on August 7, 1989, with Zagreb Airlines d.d. (Zagal), an airline company. Zagal started operating in December of the same year providing a postal service, and on July 23, 1990 changed its name to Croatia Airlines d.d. and became a national airline for the transportation of passengers, goods and mail.

Croatia Airlines' first commercial flight took place on May 5, 1991 from Zagreb to Split, while connecting Croatia to the world began on April 5, 1992, the first international flight from Zagreb to Frankfurt.

From the first flight to the end of February this year, the company's aircraft totalled 589,500 flights and carried more than 38,240,000 passengers. Of these, 11,407,500 passengers were recorded on internal flights, 24,014,500 on international flights and 2,818,000 on non-scheduled (charter) flights. During the upcoming tourist season, Croatia Airlines flights will fly into 38 destinations in 24 countries.