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The best selling cars of 2019 so far in Croatia

By  Aug 07, 2019

The most popular car brands in Croatia so far this year are Volkswagen, Opel and Renault, although Audis, BMWS and even Porches are on the wanted list.

From the beginning of the year until the end of July 44,368 new cars were sold in Croatia, which is a small growth of almost 1 percent when compared with last year. And the most popular brands are Volkswagen, who have sold 5,440 new vehicles have been sold this year, followed by Opel with 4,519, Renault with 4,309, Skoda with 4.014 and Dacia with 2,789.

And also at the high-end of the car market 68 new Porsches have been sold, 1,130 Audis, 987 BMWs and 863 Mercedes were sold.

The best-selling model this year has been the Skoda Octavia, followed by the Renault Clio, the Volkswagen Golf, the Opel Corsa and the Suzuki Vitara.

And diesel models are much less popular than last year, 61 percent of all vehicles sold this year have been petrol models, 35.5 percent diesel, hybrids just over 2 percent and only 0.2 percent electric cars.