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Had your adrenaline rush today - Croatia is one of the most adventurous countries in the world

By  Aug 06, 2019

The days of a classic fortnight package holiday on the beach seem a long distant memory, travellers today aren’t seeking sun, sand and the sea but a much more active vacation. And Croatia has found itself on a list of the top 50 most adventurous countries in the world.

From white water rafting to zip-lining travellers are today looking for thrills and spills and according to recent research Croatia is a good location.

The website Just Traveller has analysed Google search trends to find the most adventurous countries in the world, based on search volume around adventure travel phrases including sky diving, skiing, scuba diving and more. Coming out in the top spot with the highest adrenaline seeking population is Australia, where people displayed the highest search volume across these phrases.

acive dubrovnik 2



And Croatia ranked in the top 50 countries in 45th place. Somewhat surprisingly Croatia placed sixth in the world for Google searches for sky diving, and even more odd ninth in the world for skiing.

The USA, UK, New Zealand and Germany also made the top 5. At the bottom end of the scale, Tajikistan was named the least adventurous country in the world.