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Average rental price of a holiday apartment in Croatia is 67 euros per night

Average rental price of a holiday apartment in Croatia is 67 euros per night

By  Jul 14, 2019

With the height of the summer season upon us you might be looking for a vacation apartment on the Adriatic coastline. According to a survey carried out by the popular Croatian website Njuskalo the average price of an apartment in Croatia is currently 67 Euros per night.

Depending on your destination in Croatia you can probably expect to pay anything from a budget friendly 25 Euros a night to around 100 Euros a night in Dubrovnik. And whilst the majority of tourists book their summer apartment using sites such as or Airbnb the Croatian Njuskalo is picking up more interest from foreign guests, mostly from Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria.

The average daily rental price of a tourist apartment in Croatia when all of the various offers are taken into account in 67 Euros, which is 4 Euros more than last year. According to the data the average rental price of the tourist apartment outside of the main season is 46 Euros, or 31 percent cheaper than in the summer.

Unsurprisingly the highest apartment rental prices are in Dubrovnik and in Central Dalmatia. The website’s data shows that their offer of summer apartments in the wider Dubrovnik region sees an average price of 77 Euros in the main season. Although as the site has a relatively small amount of apartments for rent in Dubrovnik this average price is lower than expected. In reality the average price of an apartment in Dubrovnik is closer to 100 Euros per day.

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