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Croatia Airlines starts to charge for seat selection

By  Jul 13, 2019

Fancy sitting next to the window, or maybe you need an aisle seat to stretch your legs out a little, from now on if you want to book your seat ahead of time on a Croatia Airlines flight you going to have a pay a little more.

Croatia Airlines have started charging passengers who want to choose where to sit on a plane. If you choose to sit in an exit row, or the ones with the slightly larger leg space, you’ll be charged an extra 15 Euros. If you want to sit in the first two economy rows, the so called priority seating, then a charge of 12 Euro will be added. And for all other seats in the plane a flat fee of 10 Euros will apply.

Passengers who do not select a seat when booking will be automatically assigned one at check-in free of charge. 

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