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Wearing the colours Wearing the colours Exit festival

Two young ladies share the love by wearing Croatian and Serbian flags

By  Jul 12, 2019

Two young ladies at a popular music festival in Serbia have been making positive waves through the media and social media after they decided to dress each other’s flags. Jelena from Novi Sad wore the famous Croatian checkboard flag of Croatia and Iris from Split wrapped herself in the flag of Serbia. And the photo of them together has gone viral with thousands of positive comments and likes. In fact, the pair have inadvertently started a whole new hash tag movement #sharelove

The packed audience applauded the two young women for their show of togetherness in the music festival in Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia.

"Exit's marked social campaign aimed at spreading love, tolerance and maintaining of good neighbourly relations, has found inspiration in these two girls who at the festival wore the flags of each other’s country,” the EXIT Foundation said.

Jelena explained how the idea came together. "Iris and I have the same attitude on these things, we really like it because we are also thinking that other people should deal with each other as well. In our society, we do not see who is of any nationality, nor do we make any difference on anything! We want to send a message that we should finally look to the future, not in the past! We do not have to blame people for any differences! Stop hate, spread love.”

And Jelena and Iris received free tickets from the organizers of the Exit Sea Dance Festival, which will be held from 30 August to 1 September in Budva, to continue to spread love and tolerance throughout the region!

Jelena i Iris