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Supporters watching the game in Dubrovnik Supporters watching the game in Dubrovnik Niksa Duper

Euro 2016 not affecting Croatian tourism

Written by  Jun 18, 2016

Regardless of the European Football Championship in France this year, Croatian is having a great June in terms of tourist arrivals with some estimates predicting that 1.7 million foreign tourists will visit.

Only those who haven’t planned well or have made some bad business decisions regarding pricing and quality can use the football as an excuse for their lack of guests, agreed travel professionals. Moreover, in the world of tourism Croatia has become famous for its open-air screens used to watch football matches. Foreign tourists who love football see that as an advantage if they happen to be on their holiday in Croatia during big matches.

‘’The European Football Championship does not affect tourist sales or reservations for the Adriatic at all. Football is the main topic now but it certainly does not affect the tourism industry in any serious way. Those who have already planned their holiday in Croatia in June will certainly come regardless of the Euro in France. Very few football fans will miss their vacation in other countries due to their trip to France. The month of June is always attractive for its significantly lower prices and our hoteliers, restaurant and café bar owners have already made sure that each guest will be able to watch all the football matches on the big screens in the open. The world has already recognised us as ‘’a football nation’’ so every football fan knows that he will not be deprived of enjoyment in watching all football matches broadcasted live’’, says Boris Zgomba the president of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA).

According to the data of the tourist reservations for June the most numerous guests in Croatia are from Germany (around 250,000) followed by Slovenians, Austrians, Italians and Czechs.

On the other hand, there might be ‘’a lack’’ of domestic guests in the Adriatic in June. Usually most of them would combine two public holidays in June into a small vacation and spend their long weekends somewhere along the coastline but this year they have opted for France to support their national football team. According to some travel agencies almost all travel arrangements that have been put on sale are completely sold out but there still might be a few seats left on some of the charter flights from Zagreb to France.

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Dubrovnik is red and white when Croatia plays / Photo Niksa Duper  

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