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Zagreb using destination management to successful ends

Written by  Jun 17, 2016

''In the first five months of this year Zagreb has achieved an increase of tourist arrivals by 6 per cent and 12 per cent more overnight stays than last year. Considering many events and the growing popularity of Zagreb on the foreign markets this year we expect achieving, or at least reaching, the number of 2 million overnight stays'', commented Martina Bienenfeld the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

According to the words of Bienenfled the tourist situation in Zagreb is going well, the trend of a significant increase in tourist arrivals and overnight stays has continued from year to year but this positive trend cannot be expected to happen continuously in the future due to somewhat limited accommodation. ''Our activities on the foreign markets promote Zagreb as a ''city break'' destination i.e. a destination for short urban holidays with a new offer every month and interesting events attractive for locals and tourists'', commented Bienenfeld in her interview for Hina.

''The “InMusic” festival in June and Advent in December are the two most important events for tourism in Zagreb and this year they will be even better and more diversified than ever before. However, there are also hundreds of smaller events, street festivals, fairs and events throughout the year that with their variety and quality also attract large number of tourists and locals'', said Martina Bienenfeld.

The Zagreb Tourist Board has supported financially, and in many other ways, almost all events that have been organised in the city and is proud to participate in numerous projects that encompass creative industries, culture and tourism. An active participation of Zagreb citizens in the making of the tourist product has been very important for the Tourist Board because it is one of the foundations of destination management in tourism.

''If citizens accept our projects then we are already half way to a success and then we can promote these projects on the targeted foreign markets. This is real destination management'', concluded Bienenfeld.

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