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Korean Air making more strides into Croatia Korean Air making more strides into Croatia byeangel

Growing interest for Croatia in South Korea leads to increased direct flights

By  Jul 04, 2019

The connections between South Korea and Croatia are growing stronger, with more and more Korean tourists visiting every season, more direct flights between the two countries and even South Korean Police patrolling three streets of major cities in Croatia this July and August.

Now comes news that Korean Air have increased the number of direct flights between Zagreb and Seoul. Korean Air has until now connected the two capitals with three direct flights a week throughout the summer season, but now from the 30th of August until the 20th of September they will add an additional flight to make it four weekly rotations. Presumably this additional flight is due to customer interest.

Speaking to the website EX-YU Aviation Korean Air commented that “Since the launch of the route between Seoul and Zagreb, it has been performing with a high load factor. There has been growth this summer season, mainly on demand originating from Korea.”


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