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Over 10,000 fans take part in Croatian "Epic Week" Croatian Tourist Board

Over 10,000 fans take part in Croatian "Epic Week"

By  Jun 30, 2019

The Croatian National Tourist Board successfully completed the continuation of the highly acclaimed "Epic Week in Croatia Returns" campaign their on social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As part of the campaign a prize competition game involving over 10,000 fans on social media networks was organised with the top prize for one lucky winner a seven-day holiday in Croatia.

"All of the winners of our competition over the years have chosen to create their holiday in Croatia by themselves, and I am sure it will be the same for this year’s winner, Bence Elo from Hungary,” commented the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Adding that “We are pleased that this prize game attracted a large number of competitors who want to experience their dream vacation in Croatia. It is a confirmation of the excellent position our country finds itself in and that it is increasingly perceived as an attractive all-year destination where everyone can find different content."

The winner, Bence Elo (23) is a passionate traveller, which can be seen by the fact that almost 40,000 people follow his travel based Instagram profile.

"Four years ago I decided to change my lifestyle and follow my dreams. I just love traveling because I get to meet new people and cultures, and I like sharing my feelings and experiences on social networks. I am looking forward to traveling to Croatia,” commented Elo.

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