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Croatia lacking workforce for tourism industry

Written by  Jun 16, 2016

''Around 18 per cent of the total number of unemployed citizens registered in Croatia or 50,000 people have gained qualifications to work in the tourism industry but the hoteliers are still short of around 30,000 employees for this summer season'', it was said yesterday at a round table ''Human capital in the hotel industry'' which was organised in the Hotel Westin by the Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality (UPUHH).

The biggest demand is for support staff such as chefs, waiters, maids and even animators. However, unemployed prefer their status quo i.e. to be registered with the employment Bureau because they do not want to lose their permanent compensation over a few months of season job.

''We have indicated this problem already in April and gathered together on time to ensure the labour force for this tourist season but it hasn't been solved yet, it's only in the beginning. It is important to remark that Croatia has unemployed personnel in the tourist profession and we have to find the best way to mobilize and involve them in the work process'', said Bozica Lapic the assistant of Antun Kliman the Croatian Minister of Tourism.

According to the words of Mario Bebic the assistant of the Croatian Minister of Labour the Employment Bureau has already been involved in this situation with a pilot project of finding seasonal workers and designated a professional as a contact person for key employers in the Croatian hospitality. Also the funds for retraining and fast training especially for chefs and waiters have already been ensured in order to make Croatia fully prepared for the next summer season.

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