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Huge growth in number of drone operators in Croatia Shutterstock

Huge growth in number of drone operators in Croatia

By  Jun 24, 2019

Just a few years ago drone owners in Croatia were few and far between, but today their number has gone massively and there are over 2,200 registered drones in Croatia.

The growth of drone use has been steadily rising in Croatia, in 2016, when the drone boom began there were only 299 registered, in fact in 2015 at the very beginning a mere 99 drones were used in Croatia. Over the past five years the number of unmanned drones has risen to 2,200 according to new data from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (HACZ). There are also considerably more drones registered in southern Croatia.

"The Croatian Civil Aviation Agency began to keep track of the unmanned aircraft system operators in 2015 when the Ordinance on Unmanned Aviation Systems came into force," commented the agency to the news agency HINA.

And the increase in drone users in Croatia has obviously brought with it new laws to maintain safety, including insurance, drone registration and flight plan notification.

"Upon receipt of a certificate of entry into the Register of Unmanned Aviation Operators, the operator can perform scheduled Flight Operations within the category for which he has been registered,” explained HACZ.

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