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35,000 uninsured vehicles in Croatia states new report Pixabay

35,000 uninsured vehicles in Croatia states new report

By  Jun 23, 2019

The Croatian Insurance Bureau (HUO) reported this week that there are around 35,000 uninsured vehicles driving on Croatian roads, and if these drivers have an accident they will face fines up to 50,000 Kunas.

Unregistered and uninsured vehicles endanger the general state of traffic safety and cause huge material losses to citizens. Such vehicles are often technically incorrect, and the consequences of traffic accidents are in most cases more difficult than those with technically inspected, registered and insured vehicles – said the HUO in a statement.

HUO and the Croatian Police Force, within the National Road Safety Program of the Republic of Croatia, are carrying out a campaign "Stop uninsured vehicles", with the aim of further reducing the number of uninsured and unregistered vehicles and improving awareness of the importance of compulsory registration and insurance.

And it isn’t only Croatian registered cars that are targets, there have been reported cases of foreign drivers who enter the country without the correct papers, as well as some owners some have falsified their foreign driving documents.

“The campaign started in 2009 when we recorded 300,000 uninsured vehicles, while today we estimate that this figure is around 35,000. This is a great success we have achieved over the years,” - said HUO Director Hrvoje Paukovića

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