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Croatia far from big spending Europeans

By  HINA Jun 23, 2019

In 2018, Croatia was among the EU member states with the lowest purchasing power per capita, along with Hungary and Bulgaria, the latest statistics released by Eurostat show.

According the the report released on Wednesday, similarly to 2017 in 2018, ten member states recorded purchasing power standards that were above the EU average.

Eurostat once again underscored the wide variation of consumption per capita across EU member states.

The highest Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) as a measure of material welfare of households based on Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) was recorded in Luxembourg, 32% above the EU average. Germany was around 20% above, followed by Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Sweden and France, which all recorded levels between around 5% and 15% above the EU average.

Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and Lithuania recorded levels that were 10% or less below the EU average, while Czechia, Portugal and Malta were between 10% and 20% below, and Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Greece between 20% and 25% below.

Croatia second to last in PPS

PPS in Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria was 30% below the EU average. Eurostat said that Croatia's PPS standard was 37% below the EU average, which was a mild improvement on 2017 when it recorded a PPS of 38% below the EU average.

Croatia's GDP per capita still among lowest in EU

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, a measure of economic activity, also shows substantial differences between the EU member states.

Eurostat notes that eleven member states recorded a level of GDP per capita above the EU average in 2018.

GDP per capita expressed in PPS ranged between 50% of the EU average in Bulgaria and 254% in Luxembourg.

Croatia, along with Romania and Bulgaria, ranked at the bottom of the ladder regarding GDP per capita, 37% below the EU average, a mild improvement from 2017 when it was 38%.


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