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The Eiffel Tower colors in the hands of football fans

Written by  Jun 16, 2016

It seems that social media users are the masters of the Eiffel Tower this month.  As part of a publicity campaign by French carrier Orange, a sponsor of the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, the color of the tower’s lights will be chosen based on the number of tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts shared in support of each participating country.

Here's how it goes: the fans need to use hashtags of their country on the day their country is playing. For example, today is the match between England and Wales (among the others), and currently England has the best chance to have its colors on the Eiffel Tower. The posts that are taken into count are those published on the day of the match from one minute past midnight until 9:30 pm and the team that gets the most social media support gets its national colors projected onto the Eiffel Tower until midnight.

So, tomorrow is the day for Croatia! Don't forget to put hashtags #CRO all over the social media and maybe we'll see our colors on the Eiffel Tower. Currently we're on 13th place on the list of all countries participating on the tournament, which shows how passionate the fans are. And we know Croatian fans are more passionate than that.
All the statics are avaliable on this link.

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