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Think twice before commenting on Facebook, you might get a visit from the police

By  Jun 19, 2019

Be careful what you comment on Facebook, you could well face a visit from the police and a hefty fine. If you thought that you could launch insults and offend people online, it might be time to think again.

Two readers of a news website in Slavonski Brod “ebroda” commented on an article on the newspapers Facebook page and have now been both fined. The article was regarding the seizure of drugs and the pair were found guilty of commenting in a way that offended and insulted the police force.

One man was fined 700 Kuna for his comment, whilst the second man was fined 400 Kuna.

The police commented that there is no difference in the law between an insult whilst a police officer is on duty or one across social media. According to the polices response the fines can range from 200 to 750 Kuna or 30 days in prison.

Because of the comments on social media you might get a knock at the door from the police, or a private lawsuit, regardless of where you are commenting. Think before you comment.

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