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Croatia Airlines introduces Croatia inspired cuisine Croatia Airlines Facebook

Croatia Airlines introduces Croatia inspired cuisine

Written by  HINA Jun 17, 2019

The Croatia Airlines (CA) national air company has recently presented its new Business Class menu that strongly promotes the local Croatian cuisine.

The menu has been created by chef Dino Galvagno and the Uje oil bar by Leopold Botteri who together with the CA company launched the "Inspired by Croatia" programme in 2016.

The new menu, which will be introduced as of 19 June, focuses on typical meals cooked in households in Zagreb in the first half of the 20th century when the impact of the Austro-Hungarian cuisine was still strongly felt. The ingredients and agricultural products for the food are taken from nearby family farms. Some other local recipes from different Croatian regions will be used, too.


On all Croatia Airlines flights passengers are offered free food and beverages which vary depending on the class of travel, the flight duration and the part of the day.

The company said on its web site that the "Inspired by Croatia" is the best way to present Croatian specialties by using local original ingredients and recipes.

"When we decided to take that path, a logical decision regarding the menu selection was to rely on the Split-based Uje Oil bar, where exclusively locally produced ingredients are used and presented based on traditional recipes. The renowned Croatian chef, Dino Galvagno, who advocates the use of ingredients which are locally grown, hunted or picked, also participated in the creation of the menu. The dishes that we are presenting are a refreshed version of autochthonous recipes characteristic for the coastal and continental Croatian regions."

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