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Hard Cro is the ultimate bike challenge Hard Cro is the ultimate bike challenge

First ultra marathon cycling race in Croatia

Written by  Jun 15, 2016

HARD CRO is an international ultra marathon cycling race in Croatia to be organized for the first time in June 2016 with intention of repeating it each year before the peak of the tourist season. The challenge consists of completing the race of 1,400 kilometers in less than 5 days, cycling through the most attractive locations in Croatia, from Prevlaka to Ilok, solo and self supported.

Apart from several checking points where contestants have to check in, cyclists can choose the roads on their route whether they like to cycle along the coastline or through the hinterland of Dalmatia what mostly depends on the wheather conditions.

The main idea of the race is to connect the farthest points of Croatia and is to start on the 20th of June at Prevlaka the southernmost point of Croatia in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The finishing line of the first and the longest stage of the race in duration of 55 hours is in Savudrija, Istria the westernmost point of Croatia. After Istria contestants will cycle to the north towards Sv. Martin na Muri and procede to Ilok in the eastern part of Croatia where this hard race is to finish on 24th of June.

At the starting line there will be 54 cycle adventurers from 12 countries (Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Austria, Finland, Great Britain and Hungary). Among the male contestants there will be Heike Priess the only woman contestant from Germany who is to start first at Prevlaka point at 9 am on the 20th of June.

Ivan Rogic and Kornel Boros the participants and organisers of the HARD CRO race say that this strenuous and respectable race requires the utmost physical and mental preparation of the contestants. Their goal is to make this race traditional and as an introduction to the high tourist season beacuse it offers attractive route and demanding stages many cycle ultraadventurers long for.

''In these competitions finishing the race is victory in itself'', concluded Rogic.

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