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Croatia's credit rating raised to "investment-grade" by Fitch Ratings Pixabay

Croatia's credit rating raised to "investment-grade" by Fitch Ratings

By  Jun 08, 2019

More positive news for the state of the Croatian economy comes with one of the most renowned financial ratings companies in the world, Fitch Ratings, raising the country’s credit score to “investment-grade” level on Friday.

"Croatia outperformed its budget target for the third year in a row in 2018, with the government posting a surplus of 0.2% of GDP,” commented Fitch Ratings.

"Croatia's structural features are generally more favourable than 'BBB' peers. GDP per capita is 30% above the 'BBB' median and the country scores better than peers in governance indicators and human development, thanks in part to EU membership," added Fitch.

Until now Fitch kept Croatia's credit score in the speculative category at BB+ with a positive outlook. But this new rating and acknowledgement means that even more foreign investors will be keeping Croatia on their radar.


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