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Zagreb Pride Parade sees thousands on the streets of the Croatian capital Facebook - Zagreb Pride

Zagreb Pride Parade sees thousands on the streets of the Croatian capital

By  Jun 08, 2019

For the eighth year running Zagreb Pride Parade was held in the Croatian capital this afternoon. The colourful parade, held under the slogan of “18 Proud Years” started in front of the Mimara Museum in the centre of the capital and continued through the city centre to the Ribnjak park.

"The message of this Pride parade is that we are here, that this is not just a phase, that we are a part of the Croatian society, that we are not going anywhere and that we want full equality," commented the Zagreb Pride programme co-ordinator Doria Jukic.

Jukic added that what had changed since 2002, when the event was organised for the first time, is the degree of violence and discrimination.

Before the start of the parade, organisers said they were proud that young people today grew up in a society where Pride marches were the oldest protest for human rights, noting that young people today were louder, braver and more visible in the fight for more streets and areas that were safe for all.

Several leading politicians came to support the Pride as well, including Social Democrat leader Davor Bernardic, members of the SDP Women's Forum and Youth Forum, SDP MP Gordan Maras, and Zagreb City Councillor Renato Petek from the Forward Croatia - Progressive Alliance party, as well as many other public figures.

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