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Direct flights between Croatia and Canada Direct flights between Croatia and Canada

Direct flights between Croatia and Canada launched

Written by  Jun 14, 2016

“We are proud to be the only North American airline offering a direct flight to Croatia and are committed to enhancing our destination line-up each year with attractive new options that set us apart,” said Annick Guérard, the president and the general manager of Transat Tours Canada.

The Canadian airline Air Transat (TS/TSC) has launched its new direct flight between Zagreb and Toronto on the 14th of June and will depart every Tuesday until the 4th of October 2016. After a few failed attempts of some smaller airline companies to maintain the route between Croatia and Canada a serious Canadian air carrier appeared on the horizon and announced the summer schedule for 2016 last year.

Ms Annick Guérard also added that those vacationers who wished to discover the magnificent beauties of Europe for the first time or return to explore new horizons would be enchanted by countries such as Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. ‘’Travellers will be spoiled with a variety of packages, guided tours and à la carte travel options’’, commented Guérard.

Air Transat is Canada’s leading holiday travel airline which carries 3 million passengers to nearly 60 destinations in 30 countries annually. This Canadian airline company was named the Best North American Leisure Airline at the Skytrax annual World Airline Awards held in June 2015.

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