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Croatian Day celebrated in Stockholm

By  Jun 05, 2019

Representatives of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Embassy in the Kingdom of Sweden organized a special promotional event "Croatian Day in Stockholm". Branded ship "Gustafsberg VII" sailed the Stockholm channel and promoted Croatia to Swedish travel lovers.

-With this event, we wanted to make residents of Stockholm to see Croatia as a desirable tourist destination in an original and interesting way - said the Director of Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic, adding the fact that the branded boat, in addition to numerous guests of the event, was seen and experienced by thousands of locals and tourists alongside city center.

"Gustafsberg VII", one of Stockholm's symbols, built in 1912 as a steamship, now converted into a tourist motor boat, was decorated with Croatian colors and ties. The wish of the organizer was to present Croatia through all the senses, so many guests enjoyed the sounds of Split vocal group Iskon, selected specialties from all over Croatia and top quality autochthonous wines, while Croatian tourist subjects from Dubrovnik, Makarska, Split, Istria and Kvarner provided gift arrangements and flights to Croatia for the luckiest participants in promotional sailing.

With "Gustafsberg VII", known for transporting the Swedish princess Christina at her wedding to the royal palace, sailed a large number of partners from the Swedish market such as Thomas Cook, Apollo, Kroatien Specialisten, more than one hundred foreign diplomats, numerous Swedish Government officials, representatives of the city of Stockholm and Swedish media representatives. The program was attractive to more than 150 businesspeople who expressed interest in Croatian tourism or were Croatians themselves with business experience in both countries.

The wish of the Croatian Ambassador in Stockholm Sinisa Grgic and the Director of the Swedish Representation Office of the Croatian Tourist Board Vedran Susic is to make this event traditional and organized every year. -Last year, Sweden has achieved a record-breaking number of tourist arrivals to Croatia, which we are hoping to surpass this year, which is already showing an increase of eight percent in arrivals - Susic said, adding that the realization of joint promotion would not be possible without the great support of Croatian businessmen who participated in the project.



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